Ancient trees are nature's gift to us. But they are threatened. Make a statement. Take a stand. Save them.*

*Your purchase or donation, no matter how small, helps the barked mission of documenting, celebrating, and preserving the world's ancient trees.

Barked's Story

Trees are the world’s oldest living beings. Their majestic beauty is a spiritual connection to an earth that sustains us physically and emotionally. We travel the globe documenting the rarest of these ancient treasures to preserve their legacy. A tree’s bark tells the story of its life. Collectively, the images document the fragility of nature in an age of massive social and environmental change. GOTO for more information about our work.

Iconic Trees by Species

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Trees in the Mist

Step into a world where nature's magnificence meets timeless fashion. Introducing our extraordinary line of T-shirts featuring stunning black and white images of awe-inspiring ancient trees in the mist. Each shirt is a masterpiece that brings together the grandeur of nature and the allure of classic design.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility and strength radiating from these majestic giants. Our unique collection embodies the wisdom and endurance of these ancient arboreal wonders.

The Bark Ts—Ancient Trees Up Close

Dive into the extraordinary character of ancient trees, shaped by their environments and human interactions, in every T-shirt. These bark close-ups capture the essence of nature's portraits, meticulously documented from around the world. Explore Earth's gentle giants intimately through our T-shirt collection and complementary products.

Tree Spirit Stories From the Forest—An affordable way to support our work

Celebrate an Ancient Tree—The Crowhurst Yew

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